Gwendolyn Sowa, MD, PhD

  • Co-director, Ferguson Laboratory for Orthopaedic Research
  • Chair, Department of Physical Medicine, School of Medicine

Education & Training

  • 1993 - 2000 University of Wisconsin School of Medicine MD & PhD Concentration
  • Residency: 2004 Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago & Northwestern

Research Interests

Using her background in biochemistry, Dr. Sowa currently performs molecular laboratory-based, translational and clinical research, investigating the effect of motion on inflammatory pathways and the beneficial effects of exercise. The Ferguson Laboratory, which she directs, is a 3,000 square foot laboratory fully equipped to perform molecular assays including gene expression analysis, protein analysis, cell and organ culture, histology, and cellular and spinal biomechanical testing. Dr. Sowa also has an active research program investigating the role of serum biomarkers in guiding individualized treatment in intervertebral disc degeneration and back pain.

Dr. Sowa's publications are indexed on PubMed.